Eco design

"We want to protect our planet by reducing emissions through investments in new technologies. And responsibly sourcing the products and services we purchase. Ensuring that our impact remains positive and we improve our environmental performance."

Our innovative, circular mattresses are made of the finest circular materials. The very best quality mattress cores have a minimum lifecycle of 20+ years. Your cost of ownership is significantly reduced. On top of that, you also take responsibility for a cleaner planet.

The latest Hespera H-Series are all about upcycling. During their life, they can be maintained so that from a comfort and circularity point of view they remain as new and have value after their period of use.

Health & Safety

Hespera mattresses can’t burn. They melt in case of fire. It has always been recognized that the best way of improving safety at sea is by developing international regulations that are followed by all shipping nations.

Hespera mattresses are safer, healthier and more sustainable than the current standard. They’re hygienic and offer outstanding sleep performance due to excellent ventilation. What’s more, they’re better for your health and the planet as they carry no added VOC's, flame retardants or other additives.