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Ecological sourced natural materials

Introducing the C1 mattress from Hespera, the perfect balance of sustainability and sleep. With a natural cover made from circular Damast 150 gr/m² fabric that is anti-allergic, this mattress is designed to provide a soft and comfortable sleeping experience.

The C1 mattress features a natural comfort layer, with a Blue Fresh Foam and Impulse Latex comfort layer that provides just the right amount of support to ensure a good night's sleep. This is combined with Softcell Clima fiber 400 gr/m², which helps to regulate body temperature, ensuring that you remain cool and comfortable throughout the night. 

The sustainable core of the C1 mattress is made up of 1600 pieces of Multi Zone pocket springs that provide core stability support while preventing any bottom touch. The ventilation 3D Airvent technology ensures that air can flow freely throughout the mattress, keeping it fresh and hygienic for longer. 

The C1 mattress is available in a range of firmness options, including soft for individuals weighing less than 70kg, medium for those weighing between 70kg and 100kg, and firm for those weighing more than 100kg. It also comes with the option of partner close, making it perfect for couples who want to share a bed but prefer different levels of firmness. 

With a height of 25 cm, and the option to increase or decrease this by 3 cm on request, the C1 mattress is a perfect addition to any bedroom. And because it's made using sustainable materials and production methods, you can sleep soundly knowing that you're making a positive impact on the environment. Upgrade to the C1mattress from Hespera today and experience the perfect balance of comfort and sustainability. 

Model features

Details C1 Mattress

Circular Damast 150 gr/m², anti allergic

Softcell Clima fiber 600 gr/m²

Double comfort layer, Blue Fresh foam, Impulse latex

Softcell Clima fiber 400 gr/m²

Ventilation 3D Airvent

1600 pieces of Multi Zone pocket springs, Core stability support

Anti-bottom touch, Ventilation 3D Airvent

How to purchase

If you're interested in buying our C1 Mattress, you can reach out to us via email, phone call, or WhatsApp message. Our dedicated customer service team will gladly help you with your purchase.